Final Mens Standings

Final Womens Standings

This event would not have been able to happen without the help from Cheshire Crossfit. We cant tell you how much we appreciate you guys letting us use some of your equipment for the day. They even came through for us last minute with an extra squat rack that we desperately needed. Thanks again Colburns and crew. Btw, your athletes were quite impressive all day long. Lets do this again.

We will write a post later in the week about the 32 athletes from our gym who were competing in there first competition. Or we may not because i don’t think any words on paper can say just how proud our entire staff is of you folks. Every one of you pr’d on something yesterday. 

Here is a little recap of yesterdays action:
1. Tiffany Szemplenski is really, really good. However, she is actually tougher than she is good, if that makes any sense at all. She almost took her left arm out of her socket attempting a 205 clean(grip seemed to slip). Shook it off, then cleaned 205 with ease. She passed out after the thruster/pullup wod. Like really passed out. Then came back 90 minutes later and continued her dominating performance in the third workout with a 6:10 time in the burpee/swing workout. 

2. Mike Sabato and Sarah Scholl are officially banned from competing in anymore ‘local’ competitions. Seriously guys, let someone have a chance once in awhile. Sabato hit a 315 clean and nailed a 5 rep back squat of 400 lbs. Easily. Sarah hit a 185 clean and made wod 2a and 2b look like it was a warmup for her. 

3. 97 people came up to me after the final wod and said, “did you say that guy with the beard doing muscle ups?”. Unfortunately i didn’t see Roger St. Onge’s performance in the final workout that moved him up to 4th place.

4. 40 thrusters unbroken: Sarah Scholl, Jason Eckman, Aj Kulak

5. 30 pullups unbroken: Mike Lejeune, Lucas Rosa, Mike Franzago

6. Julie Miller from Yankee Crossfit(one of the more ‘experienced athletes’) was a pleasure to watch perform all day and she was easy to root for. 

7. Vargochav’s new idol is CJ Russo. Dudes 43, has a LOT of muscles and finished 8th overall in the comp.

8. Sub 2 minute 600m row times: Jim Day, Joe Sesto, Andrew Sayles(male scaled)

9. Sub 6 minute burpee/swing times: Mike Kilmartin, Jon Clancy

10. 22 guys hit a 300+ 5-rep back squat including Brian Battisti from Milford, who nailed 335 with ease. We remember this guy from our days in Milford when he just started and was a lot heavier. Nice job Brian. Keep up the good work. 

11. 11 girls hit a 200+ 5-rep back squat

12. 3 girls did 100+ reps with the heavyish diane type workout: Sarah Scholl(again, wtf Sarah?), Tiffany S., Alice Efland

13. The women’s scaled division was very competitive, very impressive and should have been called the womens rxd2 division instead of scaled. 

14. Lindsay Stroker and Jordan Heidkamp(both vertically challenged) would be first and second(or damn close to it) in any competition that doesn’t involve a “stupid rower”. Sorry girls.

15. Can’t thank mike, jon, shannon, jax, cynthia, johnny cupcakes, dj lou and the rest of our judges and staff for the amount of passion you put into yesterdays event. 

16. Watch out for these guys this year in the opens and regionals
– Paddy Boscoe
– Aj Kulak
– Justin Mcenroe 

17. If you want to learn how to do a squat clean, watch Greg Lobotsky