I can’t believe that today marks my one year Crossfit anniversary. I remember thinking, “What the heck did I just get myself into?” as I clicked “submit” on my “Crossfit On Ramp” Groupon. Stepping into the box last August 14th was an intimidating and exciting experience. I was sure to get there extra early because I heard that if you were late to class you’d pay for it in burpees. Standing on the sidelines I remember watching the class before me attacking a WOD. What struck me the most was that the women looked so bad-ass. At that moment there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be one of those women someday. But I knew it would take a lot of time, time that I was and still am willing to dedicate to the sport. Besides, at that point I didn’t even know what lingo like AMRAP, T2B, HSPUS, and EMOM meant! I must have annoyed my coaches, constantly asking questions, “What does that mean?” or “How do you do that?” But if I did, they never showed anything but patience. And that’s perhaps why I feel such a connection with our box. As a teacher, I understand that each student has his or her own unique learning style and needs. That’s what makes the coaches at Crossfit Factory Square so special. They understand this. But perhaps most important is that they believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. Their words of encouragement are just what I need when I feel like I have nothing left to give. I can’t thank Bobby VargoJonathan Fortier,Justin McEnroeTony RuggieroMike DeAngelo, and Carly Lavoie enough for that!

A year ago I had never done a handstand push up, snatch, box jump, toes to bar, double under, or buddy carry. To be honest, I didn’t know what most of them were, and some of them downright intimidated me! But my goal was to someday have those two letters,“RX,” next to my name on the board like all those bad-ass women at my box. It’s not everyday and it’s not always pretty, but it’s a part of the journey and I’m proud of my achievements. Crossfit has helped remind me that anything worth working for is going to take time and a lot of practice. And I mean a LOT!

Being healthy and becoming strong was my main reason for joining Crossfit, but I NEVER could have imagined all of the great perks that would come with it! The friendships I’ve made at our box encourage me to come back for more! There’s no greater feeling than having a crowd cheer you on as you struggle through those last few reps. Everyone at Factory Square has grit and heart! But I have to say, having my best friend, my partner in crime, right by my side throughout this past year has inspired and encouraged me beyond what I could have ever dreamed. Noddie Zamgochian is one of those strong women that I admire. Who knew that Crossfit could make the best of friends even closer? That’s something that’s absolutely priceless!

There’s a lot of criticism against our sport. Haters are gonna hate! That’s just the fact of the matter. And do you know what I say? Bring it! It only makes me want to go harder, better, faster, stronger. As a woman, I’ve never felt more empowered or beautiful! I can’t wait to see what this upcoming year will bring! Thank you CrossFit Factory Square! ♥