This is going to be a very long post about Crossfit (you were warned) in light of my 1 YEAR CROSSFIT ANNIVERSARY TOMORROW! I’ve spent almost 30 years of my life being a non-athlete, so to say Crossfit has impacted me, would be an understatement…I remember being so nervous to start, all I thought about was “What if I can’t do this?” As I waited for my first on-ramp to begin, I saw everyone in the middle of Karen and thought, “Seriously, I’m pretty sure I can’t do this.” I was used to simply Spin classes and basic cardio… But, Crossfit Factory Square is a place that inspires and never let me quit on myself because of the AWESOME coaches! I have words of wisdom and motivation from each coach that I carry with me: Justin McEnroe always gives me manageable numbers “Come on, give me 3 more burpees” well of course I can do that…Mike DeAngelo helped me get through that 6-week squat program with his constant positive encouragement, especially when I was doubting myself, Jonathan Fortier “Arms by your ears” for snatches and encouraging me to put more weight on the bar because he knew I could, Tony Ruggiero because of him I am working hard at my wall walks to get those handstand push-ups and Carly Lavoie who, even when you don’t think she is watching you, she is and makes sure my form is correct, Bobby Vargo who just helps us all keep moving and of course my mantra is “Chest up, eyes up” with my back squats from everyone (they are looking better, seriously!) and although Andrea Gallo isn’t a coach, she always answers my questions, helps me strategize and has been awesome with all her tips and of course has become a close friend in the process!…I remember struggling to power clean 20lbs and not getting low enough in my squats. If you told me I would be able to deadlift 200lbs, do 65lb thrusters, jump onto the 20in box, make my mile time the fastest it has ever been or buddy carry my best friend over my shoulders, I would have told you, you’re nuts! But with hardwork, dedication, heart and positive encouragement from others I’ve done all that and more. Crossfit has helped redefine my personal fitness goals, I’m not concerned with being “skinny” but healthy and strong and I work at that everyday….I’m inspired by the strong women around me at Crossfit Factory Square, especially the moms! My son now says, “I be strong like my mama” and I’m so happy that I can be an inspiration to him in this way…I’ve made so many friends and am so lucky to be surrounded by both inspirational and positive people. Of course, my biggest inspiration is Leah Gilbert! She helped get me started in all of this and her drive and determination is admirable and she helps keep me going. This past year has empowered me and made me feel the best I have ever felt. I’m ready to take on another year and watch myself grow even more.