It wasn’t until this week that I really grasped what I’ve said to the 5 and 6am class over and over. That is, half of their workout is just getting up at that time to go workout. Why did it take me this long to actually believe what I was saying?  Because this week I’ve had to cover every morning class while Shannon sipped on umbrella drinks in St Lucia waiting for her wedding day.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE COACHING so once I was up and saw the first signs of life walk through the door, I realized I was witnessing the best part of my day before it really even started. Ok, back to what I learned this week… It takes an awful lot of will power to roll out of bed, drive to the gym, and get your heart rate up to 150bpm before I even finish saying 3,2,1… GO!  And what’s even more impressive is that they do it day in and day out week after week. Their finishing with the workout before most people are even finished with their REM sleep cycle. Nothing against anyone else that comes later in the day but you’ve got to admit they are a tough, dedicated bunch of individuals. 

Some other things you probably don’t know about the morning classes:
10)  There is a high school student (Jen) that comes every morning and has been given numerous detentions because she’s slightly late for home room. Give her a break people, she’s doing things her classmates are still dreaming about…literally. 
9)  Writing those workouts on the white board takes longer than you think. To top it off, now we have to write it on two white boards thanks to Bobby
8)  We like to think we’re setting the bar for the rest of the classes
7)  We like to rock out to Jock Jams
6)  Jess B, after all these months, still thinks there is a 5 and 6am class on Thursday
5)  We get to be the first ones to use the bathroom after they’ve been cleaned 
4)  Lazy men across the street like to yell at us and call the cops… How bout joining us now that you’re up?
3)  It’s -27 deg in SCF at 4:30am!!!
2)  We can’t see the trail markers at these hours
1)  We realize our attendance depends on whether or not the alarm clock was set properly, how much fun you had the night before or if you have the day off from work. But we won’t hold that against you
Coach Mike