Holiday Schedule:
Mon 24th – Last Class is 12:30pm
Tues 25th – Closed
Wed 26th – 7am, 9, 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 (on-ramp)
Thur 27th – Normal Schedule
Fri 28th – 7am, 9, 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 (on-ramp)
Sat 29th – 9:30am
Mon 31st – Last Class is 4:30pm
Tues 1st – 10am Class Only

pregnant and doing pull-ups. no excuses.

Heather K-

Four pregnancies and one baby later amounted to not being very active for almost 2.5 years. When Ken brought me to Crossfit this last June, I thought I cant do this, but he and Bobby convinced me to try a class. It was sooooo hard and I had very little strength, but I loved it! I was hooked immediately. I loved that every class I went to worked me harder then I ever worked at the gym. Running was extremely painful on my shins and ankles to where I could barely do the stairs at my house so in the beginning I would row while everyone else ran. I would be disappointed that I always came in last place but Bobby and Roseanne and Matt all encouraged me that it’s not about being first or faster then others but its about improving yourself. That took a while to set in.
I slowly began seeing improvements in my strength but I was not really loosing the baby weight. I had not taken control of my eating. Then came the Lurong Paleo Challenge. I read about it and thought this could be what I needed to help me be committed. I signed up right away. The challenge began and within the first two weeks weight was finally coming off. I was feeling better and stronger. I actually ran my first mile it took me almost 15 minutes but I did it. I had two major goals for the challenge 1) lose at least 15 lbs and 2) run a mile in under 10 minutes. I am very proud to say with a lot of encouragement not only from the coaches and my husband but also other members of SCF I lost 18 lbs and the last week of the challenge I did the mile in 9:57:)!! Not to mention that by following the Paleo diet it cleared my headaches and Migraines, something I have suffered from since I was very young! Since then I am still seeing great improvements, last week I did 7 kipping HSPU! That was another huge feat for me. Every time I reach one of these milestones it feels amazing and I can’t believe I have accomplished it.
I Love Crossfit but I really love SCF it’s my workout home and I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else. So I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped or encouraged me a long the way.