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Dr. Hawley’s Health Corner
Your new best friend – your gluteus maximus!

Lower back health is of the utmost importance to me not only because of my job but having had a few back injuries in the past I know how much these can affect you.  One of the most forgotten parts of lower back injuries and lower back health is the gluteus maximus muscle – also known as your butt!

Your glut. max muscle is the main muscle that is in charge of stabilizing your lower back especially when leaning forward. If this muscle is overused or injured your entire lower back mechanics will be comprised and pain will be the end result.

The reason that I bring up this phenomenon is because several of the exercises we perform at CrossFit can beat up your glut max if your form is a little off. This is super evident when looking at the deadlift. Many times (me included) when someone is performing a deadlift they allow their hips to rise putting a lot of force not only on your lower back but also completely straining your glut max.
Some great ways to correct/prevent your glut max is to spend some time on the foam roller and/or lacrosse ball to clear up those adhesions. Another great way is to spend some extra time performing those exercises that target the glut max such as lungs, deep squats and box step ups.
A weak glut. max is something that is so common due and can lead to several back injuries and could prevent back injuries from healing.
If you have a nagging lower back injury try the above steps to fix and strengthen your new friend – your glut max.