We heard many comments yesterday regarding “Angie”  some said “they hate the girl” and other said “tell her to go away” but our favorite comment yesterday night was “I’m so happy we did Angie I shaved 11+ minutes off my time and a pr for backsquat and bench!!!! Your programming is changing my life!”  Yes that right folks this member keeps track of the what his times are and what his lifts are – get a notebook or the app for you phone and keep track of your WODS you will be glad you did!

I got a new book and loving it!  Its called “Thai Bodyworks”, thai bodyworks (also known as thai massage) is a therapy that can relax as well as stretch out those tight muscles and regain ‘balance’ in the flow of energy.  This book has a step by step instructions as well as a ton of photos (perfect for beginners)!  I highly recommend it if you have a partner that can help with this type of stretching.  Lets just say Bobby loves this book also.