Dr. Hawley’s Health Corner

Got those running shoes on?  It is typically this time of the year when all those “non-runners” become runners.  If there is one thing that will make me run it is sunshine!  The problem with this is that many people have either been running on a treadmill for the past 6 months or simply have been running at all.  We do not have this luxury as we were “forced” to run through those lovely winter months and subzero temperatures.  However, I know there are quite a few members who are really going to pick up their running now that it is nicer outside and its marathon season.  There are a few tips that you can employ now so that you will not get injured and will be able to run throughout the whole season.

We have touched on shoes previously but their importance cannot be overstated.  It is super important to be running in the correct kind of sneakers.  This is harder than it sounds and I would highly recommend going to a running shoe store to get fitted for the proper show.  One of the best in the state is Fleet Feet in West Hartford.  All shoes are not created equal and if you need new shoes this is the place to go.

Another tip would be to keep a close eye on your running surface and terrain.  When you return to your running training make sure to run on either a dirt path (not likely here in CT) and keep the elevation to a minimum.  This will allow your feet and lower leg muscles to accommodate to running outside again and give you a better chance at avoiding shin splints.  The best way to get a shin splint is to run on a sidewalk and run up and down hills – so try to avoid this as much as possible.

Lastly avoid increasing your training too fast too soon.  It is suggested that you do not increase your running by more than 10% per week.  This may sound like not a whole lot but just it is just enough to make sure that you body accommodates properly and helps prevent against injuries.

The above are just a few tips to keep in mind when you start to see this nice weather and feel the itch to go for a nice long run.  As always never forget to perform your stretching and manual therapy to those sore muscles after each run.