Tim getting LOW
What you can do to give your wrists a break:
1. Shoulder flexibility: get on the foam roller, lacrosse ball and bands.
2. Elbow flexibility: this is an area that may be skipped a lot, but can be a major source of problems for the wrists. The muscles in your forearm and upper arm work really hard all day, especially when gripping heavy weights or the bar. The lacrosse ball is probably the best to get into the muscles, but just make sure you get the muscles all around your elbow.
3. Wrist flexibility: stretch your wrists! Easy, just pull your hand down/up and hold. Here’s some simple stretches.
         * elbows together hands clasped, move hands in circular motions in both directions.
         * pull fingers slowly and gently into extension, arm straight elbow and fingers pointing                downward.
        * use rubber band, double hook around thumb, surround all fingers in a bear claw with rubber band and move wrist in circular motions.
          * interlock fingers with palms together and lightly pull in opposing directions to traction the wrist joint.
4. Use wrist wraps, rock tape, kinesio tape during the workout.
5. Practice using the hook grip when appropriate! This will increase efficiency (so you don’t blow out your grip strength) and decrease stress additional stress on your wrists/forearms.  Proper mechanics is crucial in saving those wrists.
If the pounding or the repetitive motions of life cause wrist soreness, strain, and fatigue make sure you ice, massage the hand, forearms, shoulders, and neck with a lacrosse ball.  Ask one of the coaches to watch your form and be consistent with taking care of your body!! It is the only earth suit we get!!
Have an AWESOME week!
Dr. Meg