With The Opens coming to an end. . . . . Regionals are right around the corner!

Remember to mark your calendar for a few of these upcoming events!

Wednesday, April 4th – 7 AM – 7 PM Body Comp Cryo will be back at the gym.

  • Body Fat Testing – $45: To get the best results you need to fast for at least 2 hours before the test & should be done before the workout. The bod pod uses air displacement for very accurate measurement of percent and pounds of body fat and lean body mass. This allows you to track your progress at the gym. Will need to wear tight fitting clothing.
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy – $40: Standing in a “sauna” from neck down for up to 3 minutes at minus 220 degrees. This is equivalent to a 20 minute ice bath. Will help reduce muscle and joint pain and swelling.

Saturday, April 7th – 9 AM – Join us for an end of Opens/Crossfit Factory Square Anniversary WOD/Potluck.  9 AM WOD (only one class this day, no 8 AM class) followed by a Potluck. Everyone is welcome to attend (not just those who participated in the Opens) including friends and family. If you cannot make the WOD still feel free to stop by after for the Potluck (remember to bring your favorite dish for sharing)!

Saturday, May 19th – 10 AM – 4 PM – LiveFitCT Health and Fitness Expo at Mt. Southington. Crossfit Factory Square will have our own booth. Stop by to volunteer some time at the booth and/or connect with the community and other local vendors.