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Lately I’m not sure if the workouts are getting more difficult or if we are all just getting stronger and pushing ourselves harder. There have been times where the struggle to finish has been wide spread. This past Monday I wasn’t even through the first set of hang cleans and I already failed at the weight. Instead of simply giving up or taking weight off the bar, I took 5 seconds to take a deep breath, calm myself, and get right back at it. Just like that I picked the bar back up and chipped away at the rest without failure. From time to time everyone struggles a bit.

It’s moments like these that make me think back to when I first started Crossfit. Back then I would have just given up or immediately dropped in weight. Everyone would tell me that I could do it but I didn’t believe them, I didn’t believe in myself. Now I refuse to let myself think that I cannot do something when I know I can.

There comes a time in everyone’s Crossfit journey when you witness this, not only on an individual level but as a community. We all support each other to the finish our workouts. It’s almost as if no workout is completed till the last person finishes. The difference between now and when we all first started is the knowledge we’ve acquired about ourselves and what we are capable of. It’s the confidence to know we can do anything we put our minds and bodies to. We are committed to succeed.

The more confidence people gain in themselves, the more potential for growth you have. (Not to mention it’s contagious!) Believe in yourself that you can and in time you will. Sometimes all you ever need to do is take a few extra seconds to take a deep breath and then get right back to it. It never does get any easier; we only get stronger, better, faster.