CFG 2016

Crossfit Games 2016 is finally here! They start next week!

We all have those moments in our training when we get called out. It could be from our coach, lifting partner, or even just something that we notice with ourselves. Regardless of who it comes from and how seasoned of an athlete you are, it is important that from time to time this happens to you. It’s so easy for us to get caught up into routines and get comfortable that we don’t progress in a well-rounded manner. Before we know it months have passed and even though we are still progressing, unless we constantly feel challenged we can’t actually expect ourselves to grow without weakness. We forget that as comfortable as we may get it is still just as important to make sure we are out of our comfort zone.

Let me be the first to own up to and admit that I am fully guilty of this and have been called out on being too comfortable three times in the past few weeks. Sure it is frustrating to have these flaws be exposed but this was exactly what I needed to help push myself back out of my comfort zone. (Must be doing something to get noticed right??) Well getting called out was exactly what I needed to hear and already I’ve noticed a big difference in my attitude and how I’m approaching things.

The point is to make sure you keep your fellow athletes and swole mates in check with you. Please don’t go out and pick out every little thing you see, that’s not the point. The point is to call yourself out when you don’t do a movement RX when it is something you are fully capable of, recognize when a swole mate is struggling and help pick them back up and push to the finish, and never forget that no matter how comfortable you get always make sure you challenge yourself. Fully own and learn from your flaws. Focus on the positive and grow without weakness.