Below is a repost from back to June 2015. Reading back I still couldn’t agree more. . . . .

There are things that we have to do in our lives, and in our training, that we may dread. We all have those days when you feel like you are literally sewn into the bed and, no matter what you do, nothing can make you move. Despite the fact we may hit snooze another time or two, life still goes on. We have responsibilities to take care of, like how there will always be more training that needs to be done. For most of us, there is something inside of all of us that seeks out excellence, has the desire to win, that wants to feel the satisfaction of our hard work paying off. It’s characteristics of integrity, passion, and even stubbornness that helps drive this and make up who we are.

In life, there are literally thousands of things that you can get through and have someone else do the work for you, Crossfit is not one of them. The only person who can put in the work for you is yourself. There’s only so much that our friends, family, and coaches can do for us.

Despite what some may think, at the end of the day, no one cares what your time was or what numbers you hit. (No, this doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to succeed or progress as an athlete, we genuinely thrive off of each others successes. It’s inspiring!) What does matter is the effort and work that you put in to reach that result. This can mean so many things. . . . working on weaknesses, hitting full range of motion, listening to a coaches recommendation, not skewing your scores or times on the white board, the list can go on and on. Bottom line is that hard work and effort earns respect. It’s finishing the workout dead last and not caring because you were able to complete it RX with all good reps. It’s missing a PR on a lift multiple times in a row, refusing to quit, taking a break, resetting, and then hitting the lift and making it look easy.

No matter what happens in our lives, it’s moments like those that we can cherish and keep with us forever. It’s your personal characteristics that got you to where you are now and will help continue to help you journey down a path of greatness. Both individually, and as a community, we can continue to conquer bigger and better things. So next time you happen to hit snooze, to get up in the morning or even in your workout, remember that you’re not alone and we are all in this together. Embrace your characteristics, work hard for your results. Let things like your integrity, passion, and stubbornness shine through. Your hard work and effort will not go unnoticed. No matter what level of an athlete you are, you are already great. Lucky for you. . . greatness has no peak.