Big Congratulations and Job Well Done to all of our athletes who competed in the WOD UP Competition down in Branford this past weekend. Collectively we had a total of 7 teams participate and our girls scaled team won 2nd place!

If there’s anything that I love about competitions it is the Crossfit community coming together. It’s one thing to see how we all are in the box and different to see how we all are together outside of the box.  You have the bit of friendly competition, the sense to laugh throughout the day, help calm each others nerves, mend injuries, and just having a blast through it all. We literally took over our own section of the floor as one big happy family. Yea yea I know it sounds exactly like any other class you’ve been in at the box but Competitions are different. The level of intensity reminds me of how everyone is during The Opens. There really is no way to explain it till you experience it.

If you’re on the fence about participating in a competition (and don’t know where to start) I highly recommend team competitions. Not only do you get to workout directly with some of your swole mates but you have more of a “class” feel (aka less pressure on any one person). Team competitions are a great way to get comfortable in the competition side of Crossfit.

Be sure to check our Facebook page and our competition board at the gym for upcoming competitions. When in doubt there’s usually a Factory Square athlete competing somewhere.

Happy lifting!