Steph working on heavy Split Jerks at open gym

Throughout our lives, no matter how big or small, there are a countless number of moments that help shape and define who we are. The great thing is that it can be with just about anything. Of course a few of the obvious ones are finishing school, marriage, children, maybe starting a new career. Then there are the little ones. Although they may seem small, these are just as important and still can be found just about anywhere, including Crossfit.

That in mind, lets talk about the most obvious for members at Factory Square. Week 6 of Back Squats! Welcome to your own person physical and mental struggle to complete what once seemed to be impossible. Just to think that back in May we were doing our 3 to 5 rep back squat max’s, and now (mind you a short 4 months later) we are taking those same weights and giving everything we have to complete 20 reps. Back then I would have laughed at the thought of building up to that and now my hands sweat every time I stand up under that bar for that one more rep.

Not only does that say so much about about our programming but that’s an incredible defining moment for us as individuals and athletes. Doesn’t matter whether you are in week 1 or week 6 of the squats, at some point we’ve all experienced that feeling of surprise, accomplishment, and amazement in ourselves as we place the bar back on the rack. Every day we all become just that much stronger, that much more confident in ourselves. There are so many other moments like this that happen every day at our box, lets create a few more and finish week 6 strong! It’s not what we say or think that defines who we are, it is what we do.