Busy season (aka Summer/Beach season) has been in full swing for some time now. Even with the start of school within the next few weeks, we can still see that the class sizes have been starting to grow larger. There’s really nothing else like the energy that comes from people in a large class. You push yourselves harder, you try going for bigger lifts, together we all work hard and crush the workouts programmed for us. We feed off each other for that little extra lifeline we may need.

Together as a community we can continue to unite and help with the upkeep of our amazing facility. As our family grows, it’s important to remember to follow common gym etiquette – so that we may continue providing a safe, fun atmosphere to all those who love Crossfit Factory Square.

One of the most prevalent is safety throughout the box. To help keep those around you and yourself safe, please be mindful of your space and your surroundings at all times. This can be something as simple as spacing to make sure everyone can fit on the floor, to making sure that we put all of our equipment away when we are done with it (including wiping down our equipment after each use – we don’t want to play pass the cold when winter comes). Every little bit helps.

As the Factory Square family continues to grow, so does the amount of equipment that we have. To help the new equipment last as long as the original equipment, there are few small steps that we can take to prevent damage. Things such as never dropping an empty bar (prevent damage to the ball bearings inside) – this includes not letting the bar drop/bounce when taking weights off – and never sitting on wall balls (prevent the weight from becoming unevenly distributed throughout the ball) are crucial.

One of the last and easiest things that we can all do is communicate with each other. If you ever have a question, do not be afraid to ask a fellow athlete or coach. We are all here to help one another. That’s what family is for right?? This includes the use of equipment. If you ever need to use equipment (ex- jump rope, abmat, weights) and there are none left, please do not take equipment already being used. Communicate with one another and ask if you can borrow or share. I can almost guarantee you that every time you talk to a person and ask to use something, they will either say yes or help you find a solution to your problem.

The best environment is the positive one we’ve created for ourselves. Together we can continue to grow and keep those PR’s coming one day at a time!