Monday 5:30 class working hard to hit their numbers during Crossfit Total.

Is it just me or is anyone else still caught up on the adrenaline and excitement from Monday!?! The energy in the box was out of control! Seriously, totals of 40,908 lbs and 150 PRs are serious numbers to be proud of.  Everyone has been working so hard for the last few months and we all had the chance to prove it.

The biggest thing that I noticed wasn’t even the PRs themselves. It was seeing the determination and confidence that we could get the lifts that we wanted. A few months ago a some of us would not have even attempted going for bigger numbers and now we reached them with ease. There’s something about the rush you get watching someone hit a number that they were once terrified to do, or finally getting a lift after they already failed twice at the same weight, that just gets you motivated to work harder. Whether you are the one lifting or not, it is so exciting!

A big congratulations is well deserved to go out to everyone at Crossfit Factory Square. All of our hard work is paying off. Whether you achieved a PR big or small, or even just tried your hardest and helped us reach over 40,000, Monday was a defining moment for us all. As easy as it is to get caught up in our numbers, it was more than just lifts. It was our moment not to measure who we are but to instead see how we have grown and see who we have become. Great job!