Way Back Wednesday . . .All The Way Back To Our Last In-House Throwdown!

Ever go throughout your day and feel like you’re totally 100% confident that certain events will happen only to find out that’s not the case? Life sometimes likes to throw curve balls at us to keep us on our toes. Pretty sure that’s the story of my life.

That being said, you know how last week we were still getting people to register for our second annual 2016 Factory Meltdown? Just kidding . . . here’s one of those curve balls and unfortunately the Factory Meltdown had to be canceled. Don’t you worry buttercup, wipe those tears away and put a smile back on that face because instead we will be doing an In-House Throwdown! This will still be held on the same date Saturday, June 25th from approximately 9 AM to 12 Noon.

Now for the even more exciting part. . . . .our very own Box Bistro will be preparing a great meal for all to enjoy afterwards. We simply kindly request for anyone (not kids) planning to stay for the after party contribute $10 per person to cover the cost. Of course if you would like to bring something for all to enjoy you are more than welcome to do so.

The throwdown will still consist of 3 WODS completed in teams of two (can be same sex or mixed gender) and an individual kids heat. Sign-ups will be available on the white board. All participants will have the opportunity to engage in some friendly competition, as well as judge your fellow athletes. Each heat will be scored/judged by the next heat, allowing everyone (including coaches) to participate.

So reach out to your Swole Mate and make sure you sign up ASAP!