Generally when it comes to sweets I try my best to have will power over the cravings of my sweet tooth. Usually I’m pretty good but every now and again I simply can’t help myself. It’s like I get tunnel vision, go into a food coma, and wake up 20 minutes later wondering what the heck happened?! That is exactly what happened this past weekend. . . stopped at the grocery store and what do I see? Adorable mini adults selling those delicious devil cookies known as Girl Scout Cookies. Of course I told myself I wouldn’t get any, but everything spiraled out of control and before I knew it I left with some. The box said it had 8 servings but let’s be honest, it’s more like 2. One sleeve for me and one sleeve for the hubs.

Once I get started on sweets it can be hard for me to stop. One thing leads to another and soon enough I’ve had enough sugar for the week in just a few hours. Of course now a few days following my cookie monster incident, I wondered why I felt so slugging and had a hard time even getting my rings on. Besides the fact that my hands are tender from grabbing the barbell, it finally hit me. . . . the SUGAR! When it comes to our bodies, sugar is has a direct correlation with inflammation, and boy does it ever!

When we think of inflammation usually we go to stress, injury, overtraining, lack of sleep, etc. However, our nutrition has just as strong of a correlation with it as well. An unbalanced diet, too much fried/junk food, alcohol, overconsumption of refined carbohydrates (including SUGAR and flour) all contribute to the production of inflammatory chemicals in our body.

If you do feel as though you are retaining extra water, bloated, maybe a bit more inflamed after your workouts than usual, I highly encourage you to start tracking what you are eating. Literally everything. It wasn’t till I started logging my food into MyFitness Pal (there are lots of different apps and programs that you can use) did I realize how much sugar I was taking each day. Even if it’s only for a few weeks, you will be surprised to what you learn about your nutrition. From there you can adjust accordingly and get back on track to feeling amazing again!

That being said, don’t let things like sugar and carbohydrates stop you from enjoying life. One off day or meal won’t hurt you in the long run, but remember what you consume still has a direct correlation with how you feel. Moderation is key!