open gym

Great turn out this past Sunday at Open Gym, happy to see everyone there!

Often times I find myself in a familiar physical state. My hands on my knees, long deep inhales in attempt to catch my breath, sweat pouring off my face onto the ground. Suddenly what everyone is doing around me no longer matters. My competitive drive that existed 3 minutes ago has now shifted to my current objective, finish the workout. My solution- modify to finish.

This can mean something different for every person. For some it may be taking 10 lbs off the bar, for others maybe switching from box jumps to step ups, or even something as simple as breaking the number of reps down to smaller sets. No matter what you do, the most important thing is to always stay moving.

Do not mistake this for a sign of weakness and instead recognize the pure dedication that you have to push yourself to your limits. Just because you are scaling or modifying something it does not mean that it is any easier or that you are not trying as hard. You are still making sure that you’re challenging yourself each and every time. Modifying a workout to your abilities will still allow you to complete it at the same level of difficulty as the seasoned veteran next to you.

One day you are going to feel awesome and will hit new PR’s and the next have to modify the workout just to be able to finish. This is normal, don’t beat yourself up over it (easier said than done I know). You may want to go beast mode every day, and you may certainly try to, but unfortunately it’s just not going to happen. This is part of the process of our bodies adapting and progressing through our programming.

Everyone is unique and our bodies responds differently to each and every workout. Always keep moving throughout your workouts and don’t be afraid to modify when you have to. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.