Few new exciting things happening around the gym! To start . . .a few words from Rosanne-  In order to make Crossfit Factory Square and your experience the best it can be, we launched our first annual survey on Monday, October 30th. This survey will be located on the back table until Friday, November 17th. Please take some time before or after class to fill it out within that time and provide us with as much feedback as you are willing.

Your comments and suggestions are the best tools we have for tracking our progress as coaches and as a business. Understanding what our athletes are looking for in their fitness program and in their coaches is a valuable tool for us to make any adjustments necessary.

Another new and exciting thing is the introduction of new F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) classes which are scheduled to begin next week Monday, November 6th. Classes will run 4 times a week and will be taught by new coach Sean Collins. See above for more information and details.

Everyone have a great week!