It’s that time of year again – Regionals for the 2016 Crossfit Games starts this weekend! As in years past, you can watch the events live both directly through the Crossfit Games website and through YouTube. For those new to Regionals – here is some more information taken from the Crossfit Games website –

Regionals - IndEight regional competitions will take place over three weekends in May 2016.

Weekend 1: May 13 – 15: California, South, Pacific

Weekend 2: May 20 – 22: West, Atlantic

Weekend 3: May 27 – 29: Central, Meridian, East *Watch Athletes From Our Region Compete This Weekend At The EAST Regionals*

Scoring at the regionals will be the same as at the Games. Every event will be worth up to 100 points, and athletes (teams) earn points based on their finish (see charts). At the end of the weekend, the athlete (team) with the most points is the winner. Athletes (teams) who tie receive the same number of points. If an athlete (team) fails to complete an event within the time cap (for timed events), his or her score will be capped and will receive a 1-second penalty for each rep not completed.

Some events will have a minimum work requirement. For those events, if an athlete (team) fails to meet the minimum work requirement, they will not be eligible to move on to the next event. See the charts for schedules and descriptions of WODs for both Individuals and Teams.

Regionals - Teams