Throughout our lives, everywhere we go or look, we are involved in relationships. Friends, family, work, home, fur babies, even lifting. When it’s such a big part of our lives, it’s hard not to consider lifting as one of those relationships. It can be just like any other one . . . when things are good they’re great and when things become challenging we get into our “ruts”. The ultimate goal is finding a happy medium between the two. A lot of times the reason why we are able to succeed is because of the drive and dedication behind what we do.  We create ourselves a foundation to build and strengthen said relationships.

I feel like somewhere along the line we are programmed to believe that to be the best we have to hit a new PR, that we have to constantly be moving forward. The thing is though, this isn’t necessarily the case. On any given day, whether you hit a new PR or not, it doesn’t directly reflect who you are as an athlete. You don’t need to shave time off of your WOD, add 20 lbs to your lift, or come in first place every single time you workout to be considered great. Sure these big events definitely help motivate us in our training, but it’s the little things that show who you really are. It is the extra work you put in before and/or after classes. It’s the early morning workouts, or squeezing a quick run in because that’s all you can manage for the day. Variety is the spice of life, and of training.

Your relationship that you have with the barbell (or even Crossfit in general) is what you make out of it. One workout doesn’t define you, the hard work that you put in is what does. Embrace the good that comes from the barbell, work through the ruts even when you don’t want to, and, by building up this foundation, great things will come!