Eighteen days and counting . . . . . that’s just under a short 3 weeks left till our second annual 2016 Factory Meltdown partner competition on Saturday June 25th. Have no fear, there’s still plenty of time to register (REGISTER HERE) and volunteers will be needed to work/judge the event. New to the box and not sure what this “Annual Competition” of ours entails. . . .well set those pretty little peepers on your screen because here are some details for you. . . .

The 2016 Factory Meltdown is going to be a two (2) person same sex team competition held at our box (Crossfit Factory Square). This year you have the option to register for RX, Scaled, or Masters (40+).

There will be three (3) guaranteed workouts for each division. The top 4 teams in ALL divisions will go on to a 4th and final workout. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 teams in each division and all athletes competing will receive a t-shirt. Cannot forget to feed all of our hungry competitors either! There will be onsite food for sale.

WOD 1 – “Partner DT” 5 rounds combined (10 minute time cap) – Partner 1 can begin the work once your partner establishing getting the bar in the front rack position. Divide the reps however you see fit to get the 5 rounds done. **2 bars will be loaded with the same weight**

RX: 155/105
SCALED: 115/75
MASTERS: 115/75

WOD 2 – 15 minutes AMRAP (1 Rep minimum work requirement) –
100 Double Unders
60 Burpee Box Jump Overs at 24”/20”
400 Meter Run (P1 runs 200m then tags P2 to run 200m)

RX: As Written
SCALED: 200 Single Unders, Burpee over Hurdle 18”/12”, Same run as above
MASTERS: 100 Double Unders, Burpee over Hurdle 18”/12”, Same run as above

WOD 3 – Two Scores (12 Minute Time Cap)
Part 1 – Both partners completed 10-8-6-4-2 of:
Pull-ups (chin over bar)
Thrusters (95/65)
Rep Scheme- P1 does 10 pull-ups and 10 thrusters, P2 does 10 pull-ups and 10 thrusters, P1 does 8 pull-ups and 8 thrusters, P2 does 8 pull-ups and 8 thrusters, and so forth.

Part 2 – In the remaining time find a 1 RM Cluster **Cluster = power clean into front squat to push press is NOT acceptable. This is one continuous movement from the pull off the floor to the catch in a front squat to standing up the weight with speed out of the hole to press the bar overhead like a thruster. Push Jerks are not permitted. **

RX: As Written.
SCALED: 75/45, Jumping Pull-ups