kids course

Awesome Kids Course from our 2nd Anniversary WOD/Potluck

According to WordPress this is my 100th post, hard to believe it has been 100 weeks already! Also just so happens that this month marks my 3 year anniversary of doing Crossfit. Something else I find that hard to believe. With this being my 100th post of course there are 100 different things running through my mind of what I want to say, but yet every time I end with the same two words . . . . .Thank You.

Looking back, the me 3 years ago HATED Crossfit and swore I would never do it. The first time I ever walked into a Crossfit was to stop in at a competition we were hosting on the other side of the building. Anyone who’s ever been to a competition knows how overwhelming it can be even as an athlete. Needless to say I immediately decided that it wasn’t for me. Go figure. . . .a short 3 years later you practically have to kick me out kicking and screaming. I know for a fact that I’m not the only person who feels this way. So a big thank you to everyone who helps make Crossfit Factory Square a welcoming second home to all.

Thank you to the coaches who deal with me when I’m being 100% ridiculous to 100% down in the dumps.

Thank you to the members who help me through all the tears and who have provided me with a million smiles.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me when I don’t.

Thank you to Bobby and Rosanne for letting me write this blog.

And thank you to everyone who still reads my nonsense! lol

Cheers and here’s to another 100 great weeks. . . Happy Lifting!!