Congrats to our athletes who competed this past weekend! Great Job!

Every now and again as an athlete we have the tendency to hit something I like to refer to as “the wall”. This so called “wall” is simple – it’s when your mind and body reach a certain point where they aren’t in synch anymore. You know exactly what you need to do but somehow no matter what you do it’s like you cannot physically make yourself do it. Need to do snatches to finish the WOD, no problem! Wait . . . why can’t I get a good rhythm today? Going for a heavy set of 5 on Back Squat – sure, I’ve hit that numerous times before. BUT LEGS, WHY NO WORK?! Yes we all have days where we are beat from a tough week of programming but that’s not what I’m talking about. The wall is almost entirely mental.

Physically we are all capable of incredible things but 9 times out of 10 our mind is what limits us. We are much more likely to reach mental failure before physical failure. It is the nature of the beast begging to be tamed in our training. This could be in a single WOD, maybe just one day of training, or even simply a phase that we seem to be going through.

There’s good news and bad news about that. The bad news. . . . we all eventually go through it. It doesn’t matter how old, strong, fast, or talented you are eventually you will hit that wall in either a single workout or in your training. Whether or not we like it, it is part of our progression as an athlete. And if you don’t hit it, you’re a physical anomaly and I demand you share with us your secret!

Now for the good news, there’s hope and you can easily conquer that wall of yours. Sometimes in our training all it takes is a hard push or needing to take a few steps back to progress forward and hit the fast track again. Its things like simple adjustments in our training – such as tweaking our form to help our bodies adjust to the heavier loads. Or focusing on the task at hand and leaving all distractions at the door. Even regaining confidence in ourselves that we can and we will is sometimes all that we need.

The wall is not an end all, it is just a speed bump on our journeys as we progress as athletes. Remember . . . the journey never gets any easier, you just get better.

Happy Lifting