CrossFit Factory Square – CrossFit

Olympic Weightlifting

Hang Clean (Find a 1 rep for the day )

can be squat or power


Metcon (Time)

“RV Life”

For Time:


Dead-lifts at 225/155

Wall Balls 20/14
Wod Details:

This work out is a send off wod yet again, for two individuals who have made Factory Square their home over the last few months. Cameron Moore and Michelle Moore are traveling Physical Therapists who spend their time on the road treating those in need. This work out is a tribute to Camerons love for short work outs. Enjoy!

For scaling options look utilize a weight that is manageable to go unbroken on the first round of deadlifts but possibly have to break it up in to two sets for the 15s and ub for the 9s. Wall balls should be done unbroken through out.