CrossFit Factory Square – CrossFit


Deadlift (5×65%)

*use 90% of 1 Rep Max from the CrossFit Total Day for these percentages

Deadlift (5×75%)

Deadlift (5+x85%)


Metcon (Time)

18 Minute A.M.R.A.P

12 Rounds for Time:

4 Strict Hand Stand Push-ups

8 Chest to bar Pull ups

12 Air Squats

A.M.R.A.P. Double Unders (if you finish the 12 Rounds)
modify this work out with Pike push-ups on the box, Ring rows, and max attempts at doubles. Rep scheme remains the same HOWEVER rounds for time will be 8, this will or should leave ample time for athletes to work on Dus in a fatigued state.