CrossFit Factory Square – CrossFit


Deadlift (5 x 1 at 90%)

use same weight across for all sets


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

E.M.O.M. x 22 Minutes

0-1 16 Push Presses 75/55

1-2 16 Back Squats 75/55

*No Rack*
instructions on this work out,

– When recording your score it will be rounds completed not rounds and reps

– use a rep scheme and weight you can manage to get in the 1 minute time frame continuously for both movements

– if needed lighten the weight and decrease the reps

-do not turn into an amrap if you fall off pace

– if you fail to achieve the push presses for example, rest the minute of back squats and begin again on the push presses(when scoring do not include the push press you attempted, as they will not count )

– if you fail to maintain again on the push presses or back squats, rest an entire cycle of both the push press and back squat and begin again.