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Metcon (Time)

First WOD

Teams of three relay

30 Calorie Row

30 Burpees

30 Hang Power Cleans 135/95

Once all three members have completed the above, they will move on to WOD 2 below.

(see comment section below on how to execute wod 1)

Second WOD

in Teams of 3

Complete 450 Wall Balls (150 each)

1 athletes must hold the top of a Deadlift at 185/135lbs

1 athlete works on wall balls

1 Rest

*Perform as a group 1, 400 M Run after every 150 wall balls is completed*
WOD 1 guidelines

1st person begins on the row, once they finish the 30 calorie row and 30 burpees, they will continue on to start their hang power cleans, athlete 2 will begin proceeding through the work out starting on the rower after athlete 1 finishes their 30th burpee. Once athlete 2 finishes their 30th burpee and moves on to start the hang power cleans, athlete 3 will start on the row to perform the 30 reps of each movement and complete the relay.

WOD 2 guidelines

(the person resting can assist if the bar is dropped at any point in time, if the bar drops the work on wall balls stops)

*After every 150 wall balls that is completed, as a group drop everything and run 400 M together, work cannot begin until all three members are back at your station.*

Work must be divided evenly for wall balls, barbell must be off the ground for the work on wall balls to begin at any time.