1) Back Squat: 9,7,5,3,1

-record your 5 rep an 1 rep max lifts for today

2) “Santora”

3 rounds:

1 minute amrap: 155/75 cleans

1 minute amrap: 20 feet shuttle sprint forward, 20 feet shuttle sprint backwards.  1 rep= 20′ forward and 20′ back.

1 minute amrap: 245/135 deadlifts

1 minute amrap: burpees

1 minute amraps: 155/75 jerks

– rest 1 minute

– this is the same format as Fight Gone Bad. Record your total reps combined for all 3 rounds. Shoot for 50 reps each round. If your 1-rep max clean or 1 rep max jerk is 155/75(+- a few lbs), do 155/75 for the entire workout (unless your just out of onramp).Today’s the day you get stronger. Even if you only get 1-2 reps of each per round and fail on 7-8 reps of each per round. This is a good workout to fail forward(or reaching forward, sounds better).