CrossFit Factory Square – CrossFit

Metcon (No Measure)

In Teams of 5 (or less based on class size)

One team will run 800m together with battle rope. Rope must not touch the ground and the rope must be held overhead. Can switch hands as you wish. If rope touches group, stop immediately and perform 5 burpees.

Everyone else will continue doing (in their teams):

4 Sled Pushes (down and back twice) 45/25 each side

2 Farmers Walk (down and back once) 53/35 KB

2 Back Rack Walk (down and back once) 95/65 barbell

2 Tire drag walking backwards (down and back once)

20 Sledge Hammer Hits to tire

*Rotate once everyone has completed their reps. Continue rotating until it’s your teams turn to run with the rope.