Workout of the Day


1) 50 burpees for time

2) Teams of 2

100 Overhead lunge steps 45/25 lb plate

80 pullups

60 pistols or overhead stepups 45/25 plate

80 swings 70/35

100 lateral hops



1) 12 minutes: build up to a heavy 1-rep max jerk. From rack. 

2) 12 minutes: build up to a heavy 1-rep max back squat.

– competitors:  try and do 2-3 reps with the weight you  build up to for your 1-rep maxes today(jerk, squat).  You must have spotter for the back squats.

3) “Elizabeth” 

13.1-  Fun. Challenging. Great stimulus for future training progressions and tests. 

13.2- Not fun. Challenging? Good training stimulus for future training progressions and testers? Not sure, unless the test has 100 deadlifts at 115 lbs and 150 rebound box jumps for time. If the goal is to test medium to high end aerobic work capacity, why not just have a 2k row or 1.5 mile run for time as the test? Can’t video it? Out of 130,000 registered competitors, appx 226 actually still videotape there wods to send in. That’s like 0.00001% or lower. I’m sure they could find a CrossFit to go to and get timed by a judge. Just some random thoughts. 

13.3- based on the past 2 years of open wods, there is a 65-35( whatever that means) chance that 13.3 will be a 5-7 minute tester of a single modality exercise. 



1) Front Squats: 5,3,1,5,3,1

2) Strict Press: 5,3,1,5,3,1

3) 800m sprint x 3




1) 12 minutes: build to a heavy 1-rep max clean

2) 12 minute amrap:

100 wall balls

50 t2b

150 double unders

– if you finish all 300 reps, go back to the wallballs.



1) 1 mile run(2k row if raining)

2) EMOM for 14 minutes:

Odd: 2 leg less rope climbs. 

Even: 10 unbroken fast push presses 115/65

3) Practice mups(and/or ring dips) and  double unders.