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Back Squat (10 x 1)

use 1 weight across all sets


Metcon (Time)

12 Ring Muscle Ups

800 M Run

9 Ring Muscle Ups

400 M Run

6 Ring Muscle Ups

200 M Run
Wod details:

Option 1

9 muscle-ups

Run 800 meters

6 muscle-ups

Run 400 meters

3 muscle-ups

Run 200 meters

If you are able to perform the first set of muscle-ups in less than 3 sets, consider performing the reps as prescribed. If you fail 2 consecutive attempts, perform 2 pull-ups and 2 ring dips for each remaining muscle-up or finish the round with muscle-up transitions.

Option 2

12 muscle-up transitions

Run 600 meters

9 muscle-up transitions

Run 400 meters

6 muscle-up transitions

Run 200 meters

During your warm-up, experiment with foot position in the transition drill. Moving the feet farther away from you will increase the difficulty. Use a position that is challenging, but allows for smooth execution. During either your warm-up or cool-down, consider including a few sets of push-ups and ring rows to begin developing the necessary strength for the muscle-up.