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Deadlift (3 reps at 70%)

Deadlift (3 reps at 80%)

Deadlift (3+ reps at 90%)

perform at least 3 warm up sets before performing your 70%, hang onto the bar through all the reps no drop an go singles, go for 3 or more reps on the final set but stop at 8.


Metcon (Time)

30 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups
Wod Details:

modify this work out so there is a push and pull component, whether it be chest to bar pull ups and push ups or bar dips. If modifiying for push an pull double the pull up reps and double the pushing movment so 60 total reps plus the 30 burpees. work out would go something like this, 1 burpee + 2 Chest to bar pull ups + 2 Bar Dips. 2 burpees + 2 chest to bar pull ups + 2 Dips, 3 burpees + 2 CTB PUll ups + 2 Bar Dips etc..