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Deadlift (5 reps at 65%)

Deadlift (5 reps at 75%)

Deadlift (5+ reps at 85%)

Strength Tips: percentages are based off of your Crossfit Total numbers, if you did not perform the total last week, look back and use the most current 1 Rm you have and subtract roughly 10-15 lbs from it and use that number to find your percentage numbers. On final set of 5 go for 10 reps if possible but nothing more.


Metcon (Time)

400 M Run

50 Deadlifts 225/155

50 Hand Stand Push Ups

400 M Run
Wod Details:

if your 400 m time is over 4 minutes consider running a 300 m. use a weight that will allow you to break these deadlifts up into two or three sets, modify the Hspu with some other pressing movement or shorten the ROM for a modify hspu.