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Olympic Weightlifting

High-Hang Snatch (Find a 1 Rep for the day)

Take roughly 20 minutes and use this time to work up to a challenging weight yes, but only if form and technique will allow it. The main focus of this is to learn how to maintain a vertical torso at the start, aggressively extend the hips and knees, then pull yourself under the bar by moving the feet an landing with the bar over head locked out.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Over Head Squat 135/95


Ghd Sit Ups
Wod details:

Barbell loading should be a load you can comfortably over head squat for multiple reps, the reps are low enought to challenge the athlete to go unbroken. For the ghd sit ups, an athlete should do this perscribed if they can perform 25 GHD su unbroken to full ROM. IF the athlete can not scale the athlete back to Ab mat sit ups and double the reps to 60-48-36.