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Metcon (Time)

“Hanging with Linda”

3 Person Teams

For time:


1.5 X Body weight Deadlift

Body Weight Bench Press

.75 Body Weight for Hang Clean

*Take the sum of three body weights and divide it by 3.

That will be the number you use for the barbell loading.

*All three athletes will start at an exercise, you cannot move onto the next exercise until that person is finished each person will do 10 of each movement then move on to 9 of each movement so on and so forth*


P1 weighs 200, P2 weighs 190, P3 Weights 180 = 570 total body weight

570 divided by 3 = 190.

For this work out the weights they would use go as follows, DL – 285, BP 190, Cl – 142. So pick either 140 or 145 for the clean weight.

*This work out can be done alone as well. Use your own body weight to establish weights used for three separate barbells.*