CrossFit Factory Square – CrossFit


Deadlift (10-10-10 every 3 minutes use 75-80% across)

touch an go reps


Metcon (Time)

32 Pull ups

32 Thrusters 95/65

32 Ghd Sit ups

26 Pull ups

26 Thrusters 95/65

26 Ghd Sit ups

18 Pull Ups

18 95/65

18 Ghd Sit ups
Wod Details:

Use a weight that will allow the thrusters to be perform in 1-2 sets the entire length of the work out. For the pull ups, scale with banded or jumping for the purpose of todays work out, if needed ring rows are acceptable but look to increase the reps scheme to 48-36-24. Scaling the GHd sit ups use a weighted med ball. Do not allow the medball to travel over head when performing the weighted ab mat sit ups.