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Metcon (Weight)

Split Jerk

Perform 1 Rep every minute on the minute x 12 minutes

Starting weights 115/75

Increase weight each set

1 Works 1 Rests

Take barbell from the rack

Rep is complete once both feet return under the athletes body with the bar over head in a complete locked out position
record your building weights in the comment section


Metcon (Weight)

15 minutes

To find a challenging Squat Snatch

Metcon (Weight)

15 minutes

To find a challenging Squat Clean

*If weights feel good then go for a new 1 rep, if the athlete is new and still unfamiliar with the movement, stress breaking down the movement from a positional stand point PVC or Light Barbell . Explain:  hi hang pos, to hang pos, to floor (mid shin) position then complete the full movement*