1) Clean Grip Deadlift: 225/135
-20 seconds on/40 seconds off for 4 minutes.
-fast TNG reps 

2) Snatch Grip Deadlift: 185/115
-20 seconds on/4o seconds off for 4 minutes.  
-fast TNG reps

-don’t count your reps for these. Focus on proper setup and speed off the ground. Weight should never feel ‘heavy’. 

3) Games Wod 12.1
7 minutes: amrap burpees. Must jump 6 inches off ground at top of burpee.
-no rest, right into:
4) 8 minutes: 5 rep max back squat

5) 7 minutes: amrap double unders
-no rest, right into:
6) 8 minutes: 3 rep max front squat